Appropriate self-awareness is very crucial or rather essential so that each individual can amend their individual responsibilities as well as their goals keeping their real potentials in mind.

Patients particularly those with neurodegenerative disorders have inadequate self-awareness as far as their functional limitations are concerned which in turn may accentuate their already compromised ability to arrive at important decisions or even affect their behavior.

Neuro degenerative diseases in particular cause a gradual and marked distinctive pattern of deterioration in domains of varying functions.

Appropriate self-awareness then is of prime importance for optimizing the day to day functioning of an individual as it facilitates the patient’s ability to choose those tasks which aptly coincides with the patient’s capabilities and limitations there by thwarting the possibility of being harmed by the patient himself or by others.

Patients who have impaired self-awareness may not be in a position to familiarize or adapt their behavior to their present limitations which in turn precipitates in hazardous and risky behaviors under varying circumstances like being unable to drive or not in a position to cope with their finances.

Patients with impaired self-awareness also are at the receiving end of not being given the right care or rehabilitation, as it results in the patient not cooperating and resisting treatment and rehabilitation.

Allovedas is of the strong view that there should be maximum awareness as far as the patient is concerned with respect to his or her limitations so that he or she can benefit the utmost from the neuro rehabilitative therapies that we provide at our center and in turn be more aware of themselves and their functional capabilities required to face the world in a much more independent and self reliant manner.