Ayurveda Therapy


The age old objective of Ayurveda has been to make sure that a healthy person retains his good health and an unhealthy person is revived and brought back to sound mind and body. Ayurveda’s therapy aims to promote a holistic and multidimensional sense of contentment for the person at the physical, spiritual and psychological level. In order to avoid physical and psychological deterioration and keep our body disease free, its imperative that our system’s vital energies are having the right balance. This can be achieved through appropriate food habits, leading a disciplined life with a positive outlook and also with the intake of ayurvedic remedies to address ailments.

Unique Features of Ayurveda

The patients at Allovedas are assessed by three important aspects in ayurveda namely prakruti, dhatu and dosha. By assessing these three aspects which varies from person to person , various ailments are treated accordingly, be it neurological ,digestive or respiratory. Also every ailment is treated from its roots, so as to prevent the recurrence of the disease. This is achieved by ayurveda’s Panchakarma therapies namely

  • Vamana (medically induced vomiting)
  • Virechan( medically induced purgation)
  • Nasya (herbal therapy to ease nasal conditions)
  • Basti ( medicinally induced Enema)
  • Raktamokshan( Detoxification therapy through Blood Letting)
Other treatments are
  • Shirodhara for sleeplessness, severe headaches like migraine, stroke and neurological conditions like Parkinson’s disease
  • Abhyanga(Massage) for Parkinson’s disease, Spondylosis of cervical and lumbar regions
  • Agnikarma, for managing acute pain
  • KatiBasti-Greeva Basti for aches and pains like Lumbar & Cervical spondylosis
  • Janubasti for joint related conditions like Arthritis
  • Shirobasti for Parkinson’s disease, stroke
Benefits of Ayurveda Therapy at Allovedas
  • Reduced anxiety and stress levels.
  • Lowered bp (blood pressure) and cholesterol
Effective healing from Illness and injuries alike
  • Awareness of nutrient-rich healthy diet
  • Effective in Weight Loss
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Rectification of hormonal imbalance
  • Regeneration of specific neurons in Parkinson’s disease
  • Excellent therapy for Cervical & Lumbar Spondylosis
  • Effectively improving the mobility and flexibilty in stroke patients
  • Lowering the symptoms of Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and cramps
  • Effectively treating Dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation)
  • Effective treatment for Alzheimer’s disease
  • Restricting asthmatic attacks
  • Effective treatment of cancer
  • Enhancing memory and power of concentration in children
  • Halting the aging process by making restricting the cell’s rate of degeneration