Chronic Pain


Pain is a familiar term – everyone experiences pain now and then, in some form or the other. When we injure ourselves, our body informs us that everything is not alright with our system only through the medium of pain. The physical sensation of pain gradually goes away, when the injury completely heals.

Chronic pain is not the same as simple pain. Doctors state that chronic pain is such that once you hurt yourself, the pain continues for a longer duration, for a minimum period of three months and stretching to a maximum period of six months post injury.

People notice their movements restricted when experiencing pain, which in turn plays havoc with their flexibility, their stamina levels and also their core strength. In turn, the pain afflicted person becomes extremely disabled, leading to a state of despondency and finally, indulging in daily chores and recreational activities comes to a standstill.


The Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program at Allovedas has a multidimensional approach which involves medication, physiotherapy and psychological counseling for patients having chronic pain.Resorting to a combination of varied techniques, which could be individualized or in groups, has resulted positively in alleviating the pain, there- by enhancing their basic lifestyle.