Cognitive Rehabilitation


For people who have undergone head injuries, going back to a life of normalcy is the biggest hurdle they are subjected to, as their memory, socially associated behaviors, attention span, judgements concerning their own safety as well as executing their day to day activities are at stake.

Apart from that, it hampers with their adequate level of self sufficiency and also their appropriate interactions with people. All this finally culminates in their inadequacy to cope either at work or home and school in case of children.

If the right treatment is not available to people who are cognitively compromised then its consequences in the long run can be very destructive or damaging.

Cognitive rehabilitation is a broad term used to describe varied treatments which are effectively administered to address such cognitive issues, post brain injury. The symptoms and the degree of acuteness of such cognitive issues vary greatly from one patient to the other.

Cognitive rehabilitation therapy aims at enhancing the normal functioning and the degree of self sufficiency for such patients. Varied professionals with high credentials in their respective fields render restorative and compensatory treatments to cater to the needs of these patients.