Counselling is one of the most marvelous innovations which we can see in the twentieth century. We are well aware that we live in a very complicated and fast paced world, undergoing transformations at every given point of time. In such a complex scenario, people’s coping mechanisms are at stake as they are subjected to numerous difficulties and challenges which life throws their way.

Although most daunting situations are handled with great panache by most individuals, still there are those who lack coping mechanisms owing to an inherent predisposing factor and still others who succumb to these trying situations on account of major injuries, debilitating illness and traumas which are psychologically and physically demoralizing.

The need to contain such ordeals in anyone’s life becomes imperative, without compromising on the mental status of the individual. Although immediate family and friends may come to the rescue of such individuals offering moral support and the much needed advice, it may necessarily not suffice most of the time.

Counseling then is an option which is functional as well as the right choice at such times.There are various fields of counseling which is patient specific to address their issues constructively. And working with such counselors makes a world of difference to the patient.