Extra Mile


Irrespective of which ever game the athletes indulge in, we at Allovedas help athletes to keep at their game, by way of enhancing their strength, improvising their flexibility, balance, stamina and endurance .

Alloveda provides the best clinical care in the industry for sports men of varied age groups and skills, who have undergone pain, or have been subjected to injury during their sports activities. Being leaders for rehabilitative care, technology as well as research of the highest order ,we help competitive athletes overcome a broad spectrum of debilitating conditions, so that they can get back to the grind in a fast, safe manner.

If you really analyze, then you may note that just a small variation in the training or a slight rectification of the equipment is all that it takes. Although it needs to be kept in mind that if post evaluation, a serious problem is noted, in such cases, a more comprehensive mode of therapy is planned in conjunction with the physician and the patient.