Music Therapy


Music therapy is a clinically and factually authenticated application of interventions involving music, in order to attain goals which are individualized, encompassing a relationship that is therapeutic in nature with the assistance of professionals who have undergone a certification program in music therapy.

Music therapy is one of the most exclusive therapies at our center which is expressive in itself and during the course of the music therapy session,we make sure that there is optimum utilization of the musical essence and all the varied facets of music, which could range from the emotional, physical, social, mental as well as aesthetic aspects, and all these aspects work in cohesion to bring about the much needed positive physiological and psychological changes in their clients.

Basically various domains of the client are addressed by our therapists during the course of the session, namely their mobility skills, comprehending functions, communicative level, emotional growth socially adaptive skills as well as skills related to all their senses and most importantly the quality of the patient’s life by incorporating musical experiences of the patient which is not only active but also receptive, which is an amalgamation of re-creation, improvisation, listening composing and finally musical discussions so that the ultimate goal of the treatment for the patient is achieved at our center.