Neurogym as the very word suggests has every thing to do with our central nervous system (or what we call our brain and spinal cord) and the associated therapies that are an integral part of a person afflicted by chronic disorders or disabilities which can be physical or psychological in nature.

The key mantra of a neuro gym is being more instinctive where in the patient’s individualistic needs are ascertained on priority basis and also the approach of the therapy is very patient centric. The basic essentials of a neuro gym is to make sure that the patients inculcate and understand the importance of being proactive and initiate therapeutic actions themselves in order to recuperate at the earliest possible time.

At the neuro gym it is the user namely the patient, rather than the system itself, who commence the required bodily movements, which greatly enhances the rewiring and restructuring the programs of the central nervous system or brain. The resultant effect of this kind of reprograming with the facilities available at the neuro gym is an accelerated rate of the patient’s recovery.