Nutritional Counselling


We at Allovedas make sure to offer customised neuro nutritional therapy for arresting further deterioration and for sustained brain wellness which includes an array of diets which are anti-inflammatory in nature followed by stressing on healthy eating habits which in turn primarily focuses on brain wellness in order to improvise the patients memory, cognitive skills ,their ability to focus and striving to prevent futuristic cognitive decline.

We at Allovedas strive very hard to ensure that every patient has an individualised diet plan so as to retain the sensitivity attached to individual cultural beliefs, the varied work patterns, and keeping track of every patient’s work schedule in order to contain varied medical conditions like Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension PCOD and other disorders which are neurological in nature such as multiple sclerosis, auto immune disorders ,stroke Parkinson’s disease and also addressing patients having sensitivity to gluten.

We give special attention to children’s diet with the intention of managing their stress and also improvising their overall health with the most appropriate nutritional diet.

During the course of our therapy we assess various parameters:

  • Duration of DM
  • Presence of other co-morbidities if any and its duration
  • Onset of medication and its duration
  • OHA/Insulin/Combination
  • Fatigue
  • Other symptoms of DM: neuropathy
  • Physical activity level: Dependent/independent
  • Oral intake
  • Any symptoms affecting oral Intake
  • Oral vit/mineral supplements
  • Urinary/Bowel incontinence
  • Sleep pattern
  • Medication allergies
  • Food Habits: Veg/Non Veg
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol intake
Nutritional Care Plan

Week 1: Nutritional assessment which also includes Anthropometry, Biochemistry evaluation or review of blood tests, 24 hour recall and food frequency questionnaire, food diary, Portion/healthy eating plate

Week 2:Food diary to be reviewed, Diet plan which is customised, Dietary tips along with those foods which need to be included as well as those to be avoided.

Week3: Food diary to be reviewed, Discussion of energy or stamina levels and food cravings to be addressing cravings for food.

Depending on the individual’s needs and progress the frequency and number of reviews will be decided.

The first session is of 45 minutes duration and the subsequent sessions are of 30 minutes duration.