Occupational Therapy


Occupational therapy is the corrective utilization of assessment as well as intervention, so as to not only develop but also sustain the so called activities or daily routines of the patient, which are important and meaningful for their day to day living. In other words what we call their occupation, be it individually or even in groups or the community as a whole.

Occupational therapists at Allovedas address people of various age groups, who desperately require specialized support to make themselves very self sufficient and productive in every possible way, in order to experience satisfying and fulfilling lives, although they are afflicted by varying issues like psychological problems, physically debilitating problems major injuries and other kinds of impairments .Occupational therapists at our center make very good use of the term "occupations" to make the our patients understand the importance of regularly taking care of themselves, impressing upon them the need for quality time be it play or work which they not only long to do but also needs to be done in a very therapeutic manner.

interventions therapy at our center also include assisting children who are physically challenged ,to take an active participation in their school curriculum as well as making sure that they are actively involved in various situations that arise in the social context and making them understand that by doing so they would be enhancing their level of independence , improvising their development and preventing any further complications. Apart from this our therapists are involved in the rehabilitation of patients who have sustained major injuries and also supporting adults who are older but undergoing physical changes as well as changes in their declining levels of comprehension.