The brain perhaps is the most vital human organ. Not only does it govern our cognitive functions, but it is also responsible for our various actions, processes information gathered by our sensory organs and helps us elicit sensations, thoughts and feelings. In essence, the brain makes our experiences a truly human one.

As a result, recovery from a brain condition involves regaining improved control over functional abilities as opposed to systemic repair. Brain related conditions are associated with disabilities on either a short term or long term basis. Hence, recovery from such conditions, involve administration of the appropriate medicines as well as a host of therapies in order to reintroduce the afflicted individual into society. The latter proves to be a challenge, because while Medical Science ensures the right permutation and combination of drugs that alleviate the structural changes in the brain, it can’t always promise the right blend of therapies and the right approach to such neuro-rehab therapies.

We at Allovedas address both those concerns, by providing premium, scientifically validated therapeutic modalities in our Neuro-rehabilitation Centre, with an emphasis on compassion, constant encouragement and empathy towards all our clients. Our services are a harmonious integration of the age –old, revered wisdom of Ayurveda care and state of the art technologies which modern, Allopathic science has provided us with. Issues addressed range from acute care, chronic care, rehabilitation, neuro plasticity and modulation and occupational retraining with the aim of assisting and empowering clients to become self-reliant individuals again.