Physical therapy aims to address such illnesses, or even injuries where in a person's a movement and their efficiency to perform their daily routine activities are compromised.At Allovedas primarily after reviewing the case history, the doctor will aptly diagnose the patient’s problem and there after decides on the appropriate mode of executing the necessary management plan, and as and when the need arises the various laboratory test results, imaging study results and various other reports may be referred to in order to arrive at the right course of plan suitable for the patient.

Physical therapy management at our center generally incorporates prescribed exercises specially meant for the patient as well as manipulation, manual therapy and resorting to mechanical devices in the form of traction.Additionally, Physiotherapy also makes use of physical agents namely cold, heat, sound waves, electricity, assistive devices, radiation and many other forms of interventions.

The main agenda of physical therapy at our center is to make sure that individuals do not lose their mobility even before it precipitates by ascertaining and developing programs aimed at not only fitness but wellness as well, for enhanced health and lifestyles which are more activity based. The motto of our center is committed services is to ensure that not just individuals but populations at large, develop, regain and maintain their movement as well as their ability to function normally, all through their life. Therefore at our center we incorporates a balanced therapeutic set of treatments, in such situations where in, the basic movement and functional aspects of the individual are at risk which could be due to any kind of major injury, gradual aging, unwarranted diseases or owing to environmental factors.We totally understand that functional movements are the very essence of healthy living.