Social & Behavioral Skills Training


Social and behavioral skills training basically involves therapies which address people who are psychologically and physically challenged. In this type of therapy, self destructive as well as behaviors that are unhealthy are identified and resolved. The underlying basis of these therapies is that any kind of behavior at the end of the day is learned and hence it’s not difficult to undo that undesirable behavior. The focus of social and behavioral training at Allovedas is always directed towards the present existing problem and finding various ways and means of resolving them.

Social and behavioral therapy at our center addresses various behavioral issues such as anger issues, phobias and depression apart from tackling other issues like eating disorders, ADHD [attention deficit hyper activity disorder] self harm, substance abuse, OCD [obsessive and compulsive disorders] etc. In order to contain these issues our center advocates therapies such as CBT [cognitive behavioral therapy], CBPT [ cognitive behavioral play therapy], Aversion therapy and Systematic desensitization for the betterment of our patients.