Stress Alleviation


Stress management or stress alleviation is an amalgamation of varied techniques and psychotherapies clubbed together, directed to minimize a person’s levels of stress. Chronic stress in particular requires to be addressed so as to make sure that the day to day activities of the individual is not compromised.

Stress not only triggers a state of distress in the individual but also the repercussions of chronic stress can have devastating consequences. One should be aware that stress is a major contributing factor for various deteriorating physical conditions which are psychosomatic in nature and also psychological conditions like depression.For containing and alleviating stress of this magnitude, the stress management team at Allovedas plays a vital role in helping people to cope and live successfully in today’s stress induced society.

As it is not possible to get rid of various challenging situations in life and also given the fact that stress is very subjective in nature, there are many practical techniques which are utilized by our specialists in order to combat stress effectively and restore a state of wellbeing in the individuals at our center.