A stroke is a life threatening condition which is caused by blockage of blood flow to the brain. Common symptoms associated with stroke are speech and comprehension difficulties, weakened muscles in affected side of the body, absence of sensation of face, limbs. As brain cells die during a stroke, minimizing brain damage is the first line of stroke treatment, followed by additional treatments or therapies to reduce complications and discourage recurring episodes. The condition lacks a predisposition with any one being at risk after the age of 40.

Stroke Rehabilitation Facilities offered at Allovedas

Stroke Rehabilitation Facilities at Allovedas aim at alleviating the symptoms of stroke that hinder patient’s quality of life such as change in tone, muscle weakness, co-ordination issues, altered posture, gait problems, altered speech, synergistic pattern, distorted functional abilities and lowered self- confidence. We attain this through a blend of various therapies as listed below :

  • Therapeutic exercises for upper limb and lower limb
  • Stretching exercises for muscle stiffness
  • Strengthening exercises for muscle weakness
  • Balance improvement training
  • Gait correction training
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Functional ability training
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Safety awareness
  • Falls prevention techniques
  • Clinical Counselling
Services tailored to Client Preference

The Stroke Rehabilitation Program can be tailored as per the need of the patient. In- Patient Rehabilitation involves extensive 6-hour therapy sessions on a daily basis while Out Patient Rehabilitation Programs can be booked on an hourly basis.