Trauma Rehabilitation


Trauma is one of the prime causative factors, responsible for rendering individuals disabled for life, which eventually leads to death. It has been observed that trauma resulting from various conditions like injuries that are not intentional, suicidal or homicidal in nature are the main causal factors resulting in death. Victims of this magnitude of trauma include infants, children and adults in their prime. Nearly one third of the visits to the hospital’s emergency unit is directly related to traumas caused on account of major injuries.Also nearly eight percent of the in patients in the hospital are under trauma care.

Keeping the above facts in mind,at Allovedas a unique program has been put in place in order to address trauma afflicted patients as it is mandatory. It’s interesting to note that there has been an ongoing upsurge in the number of trauma care units in the recent past. At our center dealing in trauma care, we are well equipped with the right resources, to cater to the needs of such patients with severe injuries. Our center understands that it’s of utmost importance, that patients with severe injuries must be given access, not only to specialized resources but also to the right equipment at the right time. As per the statistics at the ‘Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’ it is clearly evident that the death rate has decreased by twenty five percent for patients who had access to level 1 trauma care as compared to those who were taken to a center which was short of trauma care facilities.At Allovedas utmost priority is given to this aspect namely trauma care facilities.